You are always welcome to Sölvesborg Golfclub

Our goal is to offer you a great experience when you are here and make you want to return to visit us again as soon as possible.

We want you to feel at home, regardless if you are here for the first time or a regular visitor to our Golfclub.

Below you will find everything Sölvesborg Golfclub has to offer.

Golf for everyone

Play golf

We offer golf for everyone. If you just want to swing the golf club on the Driving Range or play 54 holes a day!!!

In addition to our 18 holes Championshipcourse, we also have a 9 holes Pay & Play course. Everyone has a chance to play here.

We also have a large Short Game Area, with 5 greens and a well-equipped drivingrange.

If you like to play Mini Golf, we have a large putting green called ‘ Himalayas ‘ on real grass. Everyone can use the Himalaya green, it’s free of charge. Why not use the Himalaya green for a Familyday, Companyday or just between Friends? It’s a lot of fun, trust us!

Putters are available in the Golfshop.



From the cabins or motorhomeparking you never have more than 50 meters to the Golfcourse or the clubhouse.


We have 6 cabins for a maximum of 4 people and 1 cabin for a maximum of 2 people.

All cabins are fully equipped with bathroom and a small kitchen with fridge/freezer if you prefer do to your own cooking.


We offer 10 lots for motorhomeparking with electricity, on grass and gravel.

Toilets and showers are available in the dressingrooms in the clubhouse.

It’s easy to reach Sölvesborg City

Close to the City

With the help of the longest walk and bicyclebridge in Europe, just around the corner from the golfclub, is it easy to reach the city of Sölvesborg.

The citycentre offers nice shopping and restaurants.

Another way to relax after golf is to take a bike or car ride to the nearby white sandy beaches in Sandviken.

If you like fishing, there are many small fishing communities on the coastline of Listerland.

Visit Sölvesborg

Not just golf


In addition to golf, we also have a paddlecourt close to the clubhouse. You can book times through or in the App Matchi .

If you need to rent any equipment for the padeltennis, this is available in the golfshop.

There are dressingrooms and water refills available in the clubhouse.

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